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Press Release

CORRECTING and REPLACING -- Schmitt Industries Introduces New SBS ExactControl(TM) Process Control Card at IMTS

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Sep 8, 2014

PORTLAND, Ore., Sept. 8, 2014 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In a press release issued earlier today by Schmitt Industries (Nasdaq:SMIT) the final sentence of the first paragraph should end "...at the IMTS 2014 show, September 8th-13th in Chicago (Booth N-7533)." (sted "...at the IMTS 2012 show, September 10th-15th in Chicago (Booth N-7533).").

The corrected release follows:

Schmitt Industries, Inc. (Nasdaq:SMIT), a world leader in precise test and measurement systems, announced today that it has added a new advanced multi-functional process control capability to its line of SBS balancing and process monitoring products for the grinding industry. The SBS ExactControl™ process control card will offer up to seven strategies for precision monitoring and control of the grinding process. The various control strategies offered by the SBS ExactControl™ card can help customers optimize the grinding process, thereby improving part quality and reducing costs. The full range of SBS products, including the ExactControl™ card, will be showcased at the IMTS 2014 show, September 8th-13th in Chicago (Booth N-7533).

"This revolutionary process control capability allows manufacturers to effectively and efficiently monitor the grinding process to achieve increased precision, thereby improving efficiency and reducing costs," commented James A. Fitzhenry, President and CEO of Schmitt Industries. "SBS products take the challenge out of grinding wheel balancing and process control and provide manufacturers with levels of accuracy and process control that can't be realized with any other competitive system."

For more information, visit http://www.schmitt-ind.com.

About Schmitt Industries

Schmitt Industries, Inc. (the Company) designs, manufactures and sells high precision test and measurement products for two main business segments: the Balancer Segment and the Measurement Segment. For the Balancer Segment, the Company designs, manufactures and sells computer-controlled vibration detection, balancing and process control systems for the worldwide machine tool industry, particularly for grinding machines.

For the Measurement Segment, the Company designs, manufactures and sells laser and white light sensors for distance, dimensional and area measurement for a wide variety of commercial applications, laser-based microroughness measurement products for the semiconductor wafer and hard disk drive industries and for other industrial applications, laser-based surface analysis and measurement products for a variety of scientific applications, and ultrasonic measurement products that accurately measure the liquid levels of propane tanks and transmit that data via satellite to a secure web site for display.

The Company also provides sales and service for Europe and parts of Asia through its wholly owned subsidiary, Schmitt Europe Limited (SEL), located in Coventry, England and through its sales representative office located in Shanghai, China.

For more information, visit www.schmitt-ind.com.

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