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Alexandre Zyngier

Alexandre Zyngier founded Batuta Advisors in 2013 to pursue investment and advisory opportunities in distress and turnaround. Mr. Zyngier has over 20 years of investment, strategy, and operating experience. He is currently a Director of Atari SA, EVO Transporation (EVOA), reorganized COFINA in Puerto Rico and certain other private entities. He was previously Lead Director at AudioEye, Inc., Director Eileen Fisher, Inc., Director Torchlight Energy Resources, Inc., Chairman of the Board of Vertis Inc., a Director of Island One LLC, Executive Chairman of DTV America Corporation and other companies. Mr Zyngier is the trustee for HFZ Unsecured Creditors, Linc Energy and sole liquidating Director for Tetralogic Pharmaceuticals Inc. Mr. Zyngier is also an expert witness in Delaware Bankruptcy Court. Mr. Zyngier has worked as a Portfolio Manager, investing in public and private distressed opportunities, at Alden Global Capital, Goldman Sachs & Co., and Deutsche Bank Co. During this time, his focus was on distressed investments representing fulcrum securities in the Capital Structure. He was also a strategy consultant at McKinsey & Company. Prior to that, he was a technical brand manager at Procter & Gamble, focused on Latin America Beauty Care Products. Mr. Zyngier holds an MBA in Finance and Accounting from the University of Chicago and a BSc. in Chemical Engineering from UNICAMP in Brazil.